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Winds of Change

The lone Fish of recent session being landed by My Friend.
So That was that! The Winds are back off the North and East, which for most of the venues I fish is utterly useless! The Temperatures have also taken a nose dive since last week.
The fish are still there but less inclined to feed so well in the conditions.

We have ventured out, but in truth it’s been a struggle, one lost fish and one landed. Thats it.

Additionally, I broke my Rod, which is rather inconvenient, though not a total disaster as it’s covered by Orvis’s 25yr Guarantee, but it still has to be sent back. Luckily it’s happened while things are quiet, which isn’t so bad as if it had occurred during a good period! Hopefully Orvis will turn it around quickly and normal transmission will be resumed shortly, in the meantime if any windows of opportunity ‘pop up’, then it’ll be be Lures and Spinning Rods that will be the weapon of choice, obviously i’d prefer to be Fly Fishing, however I am flexible enough to change to more appropriate methods when the situation demands. Over the years some great fun has been had on Spinning gear. Rapala’s, Dexter Wedges and small white Eddystone Eels have all caught fish for me and My friends. The Mackerel shoals are about the best fun you can have on light Spinning outfits and small flashy Lures, tremendous sport on warm summer evenings on a deserted beach, especially when they’re chasing the whitebait right up the shingle at your feet!
I think Mackerel are a tremendously underrated Fish, yes they make great Bait but they are also incredibly hard fighting fish, and on light gear they can make you believe that you have something much bigger on the end of your line! Can’t wait to get some on the Fly in the summer, it’s gonna be mad! In the meantime it seems patience is going to be the name of the game, the Tides are coming right for some evening floods, (My favourite time), later next week, though the Forecast Winds are still off the North and East, but we’ll see if we can muster some Fish somehow either way.

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