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Wind-ows of my mind..

Boy have we had some wind here in recent times, it’s just incessant, I can’t remember the last calm period we had. Frankly it’s baking my noodle a bit at the moment, as trying to fish any sense  when it’s constantly blowing a minimum force four and gusting to five or six all the time, is nigh on impossible! There have been a couple of times when it has just about dropped to an only just manageable level towards dusk, once the other evening when I managed a single Bass of around a pound and a half, and this evening, when my friends and I put a few fish together between us, though the window for the action was very small. Still a few fish is a few fish even though they were below par for the size that we had previously caught from the same venue. Some more settled warmer weather is whats needed to bring the shoals of baitfish back inshore I feel, and then hopefully things will start to pick up again.

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