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Wind blown Perch

Another, somewhat windy, Perch session today. The aim was to try a different area from the one we fished last weekend, it doesn’t pay to keep fishing the same spots that have produced good catches or good individual fish as this makes the fishing stale I find and the pressure begins to tell on the fish. Better to rotate spots and keep several ticking over that way. The wind was such that no areas of the lake were sheltered and so we picked an area that was recieving the least  battering and plotted up there. Things were very slow for the first few hours, and a slight change in the wind direction had us moving a few yards to new swims. The move worked and my ten year old son once again showed the adults the way by landing the first fish of the day, a Perch of around a pound and a half. Shortly after this I landed my first fish, a sample in the upper pound bracket. This was swiftly followed by two more, another fish also in the upper pound region, and a 2lb 15oz specimen. After that things went quiet again until very late in the day when my son managed another fish. Altogether a difficult day I would say, the fish weren’t really in a feeding mood for whatever reason, but we managed a few nice fish to keep the interest up.

2lb 15oz

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