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Upon our return visit this evening, to the same venue, this time with the Fly gear, we were greeted with the wonderful sight of the years first Bass Blitz. Gulls were excitedly flapping about and diving over the top of the area joining in the free for all. Many of the fish were just out of reach of our casts but a few came within range of our Flies and several Fish were landed to around a pound and a half. As the tide Ebbed and the Fish moved out of range altogether, we followed it out over the top of the feature, treading very carefully and only advancing forward as the water shallowed up and we could easily make out the bottom in the clear water. It was a lovely evening following the warm overcast muggy day, the sun put in an appearance and so did some more Fish including Bass and Pollock again, all super sport on the Fly rods!

You can just make out the Gulls sitting over the Fish in this Picture

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