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Uncovering new ground

The last few sessions have yielded no fish for me, not surprising really as my friends and I have been attempting to get to grips with fishing for Wrasse on the soft plastics. The ideal ground for it is hard to find here, as we are not surrounded by the type of structure that is to found in the Rockfish mecca’s of Jersey, Gurnsey and Cornwall. With a little hard work and some pioneering spirit however, we have managed to locate a couple of prospective venues and signs have been promising. We experienced bites right from the off, though clearly only from quite small fish, they were hitting the lures but not enough to find the hook, one bite off on the tail of a lure proved this. The interesting thing was that they seemed to show prefferences for certain lures and all but ignored others. Eventually my golden sphered friend Mr B managed to latch into a decent fish and landed a very pretty Wrasse of around a pound and a half. Not a monster but proof that we are on the right track and if a half decent sized fish should come across our lures then there is no reason why we can’t be successful on a fairly regular basis. Encouraging and exciting, as it adds yet another dimension to our fishing, and an alternative for when the Bass aren’t playing ball. We have some other spots to look at that have a track record of producing good fish on bait, but have to my knowledge never been fished with the SP’s before. Sadly at the moment strong Easterly winds are playing havoc with the conditions and we will be on a forced break for the next few days. Time to catch up on chores, re-assess lures and tactics and generally re ignite the fire for when conditions come right again.

I also have some new Fly patterns to tie and try when I get the chance, as I am keen to develop some larger patterns to use when targeting bigger Bass.

Until I can get out again, Thanks for reading.

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