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Time to Teach!

It’s the summer holidays and the kids have broken up from school….what a nightmare! Lucky old Teachers eh? Now it’s my turn to become a Teacher, because my kids want to go fishing and good old Dad has been promising them that he will take them during the holidays, so it’s time to make good on my promise and do just that. The trouble is that a lot of what I do in my ‘normal’ fishing these days really is just not suitable for me to include them in at the moment. Often I am either climbing down cliffs, deep wading, or out in the Kayak in pursuit of my quarry, not really the sort of thing that young children want to be doing! I’m sure they would love it really but obviously their safety as well as enjoyment is of paramount importance, and for that reason I will be changing tack a little and I am going to take them Coarse fishing instead. A lot safer, a lot more comfortable and a darn site easier for them to learn the ropes and enjoy what they are doing, and of course a change for me is as good as a rest! I’m looking forward to it, I love the Coarse fishing but prefer to pursue it in the winter months when things are looking rather more bleak out on the coast, and turning out to fish on a cold dark winters night isn’t so appealing as it is during the lovely long, light, warm days of summer. Call me a coward, put me in the MEOW (making excuses or whining) club, but honestly and truthfully I want to still enjoy my fishing so the arrangement suits me just fine. I will still be challenging myself by setting myself some targets for the winter, just the same as I do in the summer. This year I really want to concentrate on the Rivers, for Chub and Roach, but more on that later ad nearer the time. At the moment it’s all about the kids and securing their future as Anglers, not that I would force them to follow after me, but one of my boys is already a reasonably accomplished angler and keen as mustard and the other is also looking like joining his brother, their two sisters are also happy to go fishing whenever Dad can take them as well so it all works out nicely and it’s their choice. My job is to make sure they enjoy the experience, and naturally myself and their Mum are proud to see them doing well and enjoying themselves, what more could you ask?

So expect a little bit of a mixed Blog for a while, because I will still be doing my own stuff on the coast in between when I can, but obviously not quite as much, and I hope those who read or follow my witterings enjoy reading the Coarse stuff as much as the Saltwater.
In the meantime here’s a pic of a Bass I took the other night, along with a Wrasse and Mackerel and a lost Bass as well, Hrf certainly served up some variety that evening and it goes to show that not just Wrasse are on the menu…

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