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Three Three’s…

No the answer isn’t nine…That’s how many Perch I have managed over the three pound mark in three sessions!  We had hoped to switch to some Roach fishing this weekend so as not to let the fishing get stale and mix things up a bit. Sadly our Roach venue was flooded due to heavy rain earlier in the week, so it left us no real aternative but to tackle the Perch again as the venue they reside in is not susceptible to flooding. Saturday was a bitterly cold and dull day, with a biting Northerly wind pushing across the lake. The north bank of the lake was the most sheltered spot being protected by some tree’s and also happens to be rush lined and prolific in the Perch stakes so this was the obvious choice. The day went well despite the conditions, with the float burying beneath the water regularly as the Perch attacked the baits with vigour. The first fish landed was another specimen three pounder at 3lb 8oz and an immpressive looking creature it was too. These magnificent fish always cause me to gasp when they first appear out of the depths, anything around the three pound mark looks huge in the water, and the way they shake their heads as they break surface the first time, desperately trying to shed the hook, makes my heart miss a beat!  The rest of the fish I caught were from a pound and a half up to two pound ‘ish. My two boys were restless and decided to try spinning for the Perch but to no avail apart from a couple of possible nips, but it kept them warm and occupied! Eventually they managed to settle back down and number one son immediately bagged a new personal best in the form of a smashing 2lb 15oz specimen. He was totally chuffed with that, though I think he would have liked it to nudge past the magical three pound mark…kids eh?!  He also took three more smaller samples before daylight ran out and it was time to go.  A good day all in all and a good number of Perch caught, and definitely time for a change now. My mates are starting to make threats about chucking me in the water if I catch any more three pounders! 

I’ve had a good run and I fancy a change now so i’m hoping the Roach venue will be fishable next weekend.  
Three pounder number Three! 3lb 8oz

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