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Sufix Nano Braid review and test

If like me you have a love / hate relationship with Braid then you might want to take a serious look at Sufix Nano Braid.

Over the years I have used several of the other big name brands of braid for both LRF and my normal Bass fishing with soft plastics. Some have been ok with odd niggles and some have been simply diabolical and not fit for purpose!

For a long time I switched to a Fluorocarbon mainline for the Ultra light stuff as I was so fed up with the problems I had suffered at the hands of the braid I was using, and for a time I was happy with the performance. But Fluorocarbon does has have it’s limits too and being relatively heavy compared to braid I found it was costing me fish when swinging through on the tide and hampering the presentation which needed to be very precise. So I bought a well known braid to try again and yet again it gave me problems. It was incredibly weak and lacked any form of abrasion resistance so I binned it!

About this time I had taken on an account with Sufix and decided to have a look at the Nano braid with a view to making it a stock item. The first test went very well and I had a bumper session with the fish. I suffered none of the problems of old and the Braid performed exactly as it should. To say I was happy is an understatement, more time with the lure in the water instead of un picking wind knots, no dodgy weak knots at the leader and the abrasion resistance is simply outstanding, something which is high on the priority list for saltwater lrf / ultralight. Further sessions have only served to reinforce my initial findings as well as discover more benefits. The Nano Braid is incredibly smooth casting and soft, the sensitivity is exquisite and every little tap and vibration is transmitted through the Braid to the rod, I have suffered zero wind knots and the pink colour of the braid facilitates better tracking of the position of the lure even in low light and into dark..

Another benefit of the Braid is the price, it sits in the middle ground, it’s not cheap nor is it expensive. I believe it represents excellent value for money given it’s outstanding performance. Get spooled up with it today and I bet you won’t look at any other braid again. You certainly won’t be re spooling every five minutes due to wind knots or lack of abrasion resistance!

Below: The Nano Braid performed beyond expectations on initial testing and led to a bumper catch of Bass and Pollock for me.



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