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Spur of the moment Lrf session

Something strange happened today…
I opened the kitchen blind this morning, and I noticed that the wind wasn’t blowing!
Seriously, it’s been that bad lately. A quick check of the forecast indicated a small window of possibility, so I siezed it with both hands and once the kids were ferried to school I shot off to one of the local Piers for some Lrf fun!
Conditions on arrival were almost mediterranean. All was calm and bright and warm, and the sea was clear. Lovely!
Well, almost. The sport to begin with was very slow, in fact it took me a good hour or more to get my first fish, a small Pollock. This was followed a short time later by a Garfish, so it looked like there were some summer species around, I hoped for a Mackerel to put in an appearance as they are fiesty customers on light gear. Try as I might I just couldn’t seem to muster another fish, of any species, a most unusual occurence for this Pier.
I was fishing the ebb, which my friends and I normally find to be very productive at the venue, and it was getting on towards low when I noticed some surface activity, signalling that the Bass had come on the feed and were blitzing on fry or shrimp. In quick succession I managed to finish off with two Bass and a Mackerel.  All the fish fell to the ever reliable Ecogear strawtails in various colours, coupled with 2 gram jigheads from AGM products.

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