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Something in the air?

Could it be Spring?…

Theres a tension in the air, little signs here and there, Crocus’s, Daffodils, tiny buds on the trees…
Spring is coiling itself, ready to erupt in a glorious fanfare of colour and warmth, I can feel it.
The last two weeks have seen warmer temperatures with several days nudging up to and even just over double figures.
My friends and I are babbling excitedly at the prospects of the coming Swffing season, exchanging emails and texts to compare notes and ideas. There’s even discussion…nay plans ! for an early start in a couple of weeks time, something that I never imagined after last years delayed start due to the late cold snap.
The bait boys have been finding litte pockets of Bass here and there, so there are already fish about it seems. We are hoping some tactical alterations this year are going to pull some early fish out of the bag for us…we shall see, it’s all part of the learning curve and if you don’t try, then you will never know, after all, He who dares…!

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