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Shimano Purist update

As a footnote to the weekends Perch fishing report, I thought I’d mention that I was using the Shimano Purist Multi light specialist rod for the task of targeting the Perch. It was used in the 0.75lb tip guise and am pleased to announce that it is a perfect little tool for the job. Although ‘tippy’ the rod bends progressively through the tip section and into the butt with any half decent specimen battling away on the end of the line and gives good feedback as to what is going on. Any sudden runs and lunges by the Perch are cushioned nicely by the tip without raising any concerns about hook pulls, yet there still remains plenty of power to keep the fish under control. I am very pleased as this type of fishing is what the rod is aimed at and the reason I purchased it in the first place. Good job Shimano!

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