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Rio Outbound Intermediate

New line arrived today, the Rio Outbound Intermediate, a slow sinking intermediate line with sink rate of 1.5 -2 inches per second. The head is the same 37.5 ft shooting taper design as the full floating line I already own, but is clear and sinks. This blends smoothly into the yellow floating running line giving you the best of both worlds. The Rio Outbounds are just simply superb in their performance and enable someone like me to cast 30 yards or more on a regular basis, I say someone like me because I would be the first to admit my technique isn’t great yet the Outbounds make it far easier and smoother to cast, with just a couple of false casts before releasing the line on the shoot. The full length of the head can be picked up off the water with the Full floater if need be and recast immediately to cover moving fish. I’m hoping the Intermediate version will prove it’s worth as an early season weapon, to get the fly down deeper to semi torpid fish, or at those deeper venues or when there is some swell on the water which can cause you to lose contact with taking fish with the floating line, the Intermediate head being fished beneath the waves and allowing you to keep direct contact with the fly, as far as I am concerned  the  Rio Outbound is  THE Saltwater fly line! It comes in a cold water version perfect for our cooler seas. It enables the long casting required in the Salt, even when breezy, and is tough enough to withstand plenty of abuse. 10/10 !

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