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Vibro Fry Soft Lure




This listing is for 1 pack of 10 Silver Scales Vibro Fry in your choice of colour. Mixed colours also available.

These superb little soft lures are just 50mm ( 2 inches ) in length and are ideal for attracting and catching a wide variety of species on Ultralight lure tactics such as Dropshot, LRF, Texas or Carolina rigs!

These tiny little fry patterns are ribbed which means they will give off small vibrations as the lure is worked attracting the attentions of the nearest predator! The tiny paddletail will work with just the smallest of movements too.

Perfect for both Coarse and Saltwater fishing.

Different colours will appeal to different species so it pays to have a variety in your armoury.

As an experience Lure angler I know this type of lure to be extremely effective! Check out the picture of the Wrasse!

I have also caught Perch, Pike, Pollock, Bass, Mackerel and Garfish on these lures!

These Lures come supplied in a foil re-seal able packet to keep them fresh and in tip top condition!

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Blue – Black Fleck, Carrot, Clear Silver, Fluo Pink, Fluo Yellow, Green Pumpkin, Mixed Colours (1 of Each), Motor Oil, Solid Pearl, Translucent Gold, Translucent Green


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