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Sufix Nanobraid


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Sufix Nanobraid is the perfect Braid for Ultralight styles as well as larger specimen fishing.

Incredibly thin yet 3 x stronger than other lines in the same category, featuring superior knot strength and shock absorption.

Silky soft, fine and sensitive and runs through the guides quietly and smoothly.

A genuine PE rated Braid.

Thoroughly recommended!

Yes it’s pink in colour and you know what, pink is one of the best colours for visibility above the water, helping you keep in touch with what’s going on both at the Rod tip and as it enters the water, yet remains low vis beneath the surface. I find it invaluable to have a good visibility mainline and it helps me put more fish on the bank!

Now available in Fluo Chartreuse and Clear Camo!!

Try the PE 0.1 – 2lb for Rock pooling or Freshwater micro species!

100m spools

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Pink PE 0.1 / 2LB, Pink PE 0.3 4LB, Pink PE 0.4 6LB, Fluo Chart PE 0.4 6LB, Clear Camo 0.4PE 6LB, Clear Camo 0.8 PE 8LB


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