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Reins Rockvibes


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My Friends and I have been using Reins Lures for years and I really had to have them in our product line up, so here they are!

Effective for just about any fish that swims and I would NEVER dare leave home without some Rockvibes in my lure bag!

Hugely popular throughout Europe and the rest of the world Reins lures are renowned for their fish catching power!

From Street and lake, river and canal fishing for Perch, Pike and Zander through to Saltwater for Wrasse, Bass, Pollock and more and the smaller sizes will even catch Roach, Rudd, Bream etc.

I really can’t emphasise just how good these lures are.

They are also impregnated with Squid flavour/scent for extra attraction and aggressive response.

I also feel they represent pretty good value given how many you get in a pack. See note below.

More colour combinations to come and please take note of the number in the pack in the individual descriptions as they vary according to colour combination.

Additional information

Colour and size

1.2" Gold legend, 1.2" Slicefish, 2" Gold legend part-1, 2" Ebisimo sp, 2" Marble Chart and Orange, 2" Pearl w / G/legend, 2" Baby Zander, 2" Black, 3 " Gold legend, 3" Motor oil gold, 3" Blue pearl, 3" Baby gill, 3" Baby Zander, 3" UV King silver


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