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Rapture Pro Series Hard baits – Momoko


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Rapture are an Italian Company producing a comprehensive range of high quality tackle for the lure angler.

The superb performance and quality of these Lures rival the top Japanese lures at a fraction of the price!
Fitted with high quality Perma steel hooks.
Efficient weight transfer system enabling ultra long casts.
A 16.5 gram 120mm shallow running, suspending lure capable of long casts and a running depth between 0.1 – 0.8 metres. Produces a wiggling action when straight retrieved.
Tthese lures are used extensively by the Rapture Pro team for European Sea Bass!

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Momoko Blue Sardine, Momoko Chrome blue, Momoko Sardine, Momoko Zebra Glow, Momoko Zebra Pink, Momoko UV Hot Iwashi, Momoko UV Cream Chart


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