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Rapture Envy Ultra light Game 732-L – 0.5-7g


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Envy represents the top of the range for Finesse fishing. Developed after a long period of testing to achieve the best performance on long distance casting with ultra-light lures but retaining excellent sensitivity and control. To achieve this, we applied the latest tech and materials, from the CX-1 Micro Pitch Carbon, to completely eliminate the “spine” on the whole blank. Envy features a spigot joint, slow taper construction, with an ultra-slim profile and a nice regular action, whilst the ultra-fine hollow tip is the optimum solution to fish both with hard and soft baits. Envy is also fitted with high quality components, the long leg and anti-tangle K profile guides with SiC inserts are the best solution for Braid, the guide combination between sizing and spacing eliminates wind knots, reducing line coils to allow for smooth and accurate casts.

These are stunning rods with performance to match, be the ‘Envy’ of your friends on the bank!

Length: 7’3″

Rating:0.5-7 grams



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