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Rapture Cloud – Ultralight lure rods – 0.8-7grams – Great street rods!



With the Cloud you can range from the soft plastic baits presented on jig head to spoons, up to minnows weighing up to 7-8 grams: we are in the field of Light Game, something very exciting in the Street Fishing world, but also in traditional waters. In fact, it’s almost impossible to blank, but it is not rare to meet larger fish: Zander, Asp, Catfish of larger size! Gorgeous handle, split in EVA and cork, with anatomical reel seat placed at relatively high position to provide enough lever for long casts.

Ultra slim blanks, stunning looks and performance to match. We were amazed when we saw these rods! 
Versatile and Perfect street fishing tools for canals, small stillwaters and streams.


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