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Rapture Aji Worm 50mm


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These worm like lures are specifically designed for Light rock fishing and Ultralight lure fishing, very effective for summer saltwater species including Scad ( Horse mackerel ), Garfish, Wrasse, Mackerel, Sea Bream, and many other species. Equally as effective for Freshwater species, Roach, Rudd and Perch will take these lures. Fished mid water on a small Jighead and straight retrieved or bumped along the bottom these are deadly! We have caught many fish on these types of lure so can speak first hand for their effectiveness!

Soft and sinuous body with lots of movement but still very durable.

Contain the same Colour and flavour compounds as the rest of the Rapture range.


Please note, these have been mis labelled during production so are not necessarily the colours stated on the labels, please go by our descriptions and the associated pictures.

Additional information


Orange Glow, Pink Glow, Chart Glow


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