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One hit One miss

Two return visits could not have been more different for me. The first was on the Fly, whilst my friends opted for the Soft Plastics again. I fished hard, fighting a south easterly breeze which was blowing from right to left forcing me to use the reverse cast, ( being right handed ). I tried a few different patterns, but to no avail. As darkness fell I switched to a large black number that I had tied up that day and continued to thrash the water. Alas I failed to muster a single bite. My friends however had managed to knock out a handful of small Schoolies and Pollock on the Plastics along with one better Bass of 3lb or so. I was quite disappointed at not having caught on the Fly, as a fish from this venue, on fly gear would be awsome.

The next night was supposed to be a ‘night off’…but unable to help ourselves arrangements were made for ‘one last tide’. ( It’s so addictive this stuff ). It would be a late one too, getting there for sunset and the start of the flood.
A few missed hits from small Pollock gave us the confidence that our large Plastics would be taken by any Bass feeding on the Pollock. Darkness came fast but with a clear sky, we worked the water, each focusing on slightly different areas, working together to find the fish, we work like this a lot and then share the glory if and when we find them.
I was the first to find some fish, and missed the first bite, before connecting fully with my first fish.
The Bass, on feeling the hook tore off on a long run, peeling line from the spool and gaining twenty yards or more. We tussled for a few more moments and finally I was holding a fish of around two and a half pounds. The next two fish were a repeat of the first, with the added twist of them shaking themselves off the hook just as I was about to bring them to hand…they were both in the same size bracket as the first.
The last fish stayed on and was around a pound and a half. Then as abruptly as the action had started, it finished and all went quiet. We continued on for a while, trying different spots here and there, getting a few small hits from the Pollock that were fry feeding, but the Bass seemed to have done a disappearing act, but at least I had managed a few reasonable fish. My friends unfortunately were not so lucky and whatever it was I was doing, it was the right thing as they faied to catch despite us all using virtually the same rigs and lures. Probably I got lucky and found a small pocket of fish and managed to snatch a few before they moved on. Whatever it was I’ll take it as you never know quite where and when the next fish will come from! 

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