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Nice way to Christen a new Rod.

I felt totally lost since breaking My Fly Rod the other day, and whilst it will be repaired and back with me soon, not having a back up was frustrating to say the least, and a bit silly on My part.

I started looking around on the Internet, as you do!, and found an Orvis T3 at a considerably reduced price as they have been superceded by the new Hydros models. I had harboured a wish for one of these Rods for a while and naturally I couldn’t resist it!

Obviously I was keen to try out My new aquisition and so, bouyed by our modicum of success a couple of evenings ago, we returned to the same venue for another try.
As we trudged across the muddy shore toward our spots, the wind was pushing quite strongly from the south west, which at this venue meant it was blowing from left to right. I took me a while to get a feel for the T3, but soon I was getting within 2 or 3 yards of the backing on the cast, lovely! Being quite a bit faster action than My other Rod, the line speed generated took a bit of getting used to, but I soon got my timing right.

After a while the wind seemed to drop away to virtually nothing, this coincided with the state of Tide we expected to begin getting bites. Sure enough My Fishing partner reported having had a few ‘bangs’ indicating some interested parties. It was also at this point that I noticed a rather heavy black cloud a few miles away across the Solent apparently dumping rather a lot of rain and looking like it was headed in our direction! Trying to ignore the advancing threat I recast, after three or four strips My Fly, ( a new pattern tied specially for this venue), was grabbed, the line tightened and the unseen Predator on the other end began to steadily take line. I could tell imediately that it wasn’t a Fish in the ounces bracket like we had mostly been catching lately but something a bit better. The T3 took on its battle curve and and My friend grabbed the Camera to get a few Action shots. After an admirable tussle I finally brought My Prize to hand and landed a nice Bass of around 2 1/2 to 3lb. Nice Fish to christen a new Rod and a new Fly pattern with, and very pleased we were too! Unfortunately the weather decided that was enough and that it had been nice to us for long enough. Moments later the wind got up again, this time blowing from a very uncooperative, (for Fly casting), south easterly direction, not only that but the Black cloud I had been eyeing up also caught up with us and began to hailstone! We got the message and ran for home as fast as you can run in waders!

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