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Nice fish shame about the picture..

….Or lack of one! Had a beautiful 19lb fully scaled Mirror Carp yesterday evening, caught on the ever effective 6lb line, hooklinks and small hooks. The problem was I didn’t have a camera to record it with as My eldest son had borrowed it for a school project!! Oh well, never mind there’s always next time..!

I must stress here that while using the light lines and small hooks I ensure that I have plenty of room to play the fish and at no time do I fish near any snaggy areas with this tackle. It’s also surprising just how much control you can have using 1.5 test curve rods. A fair amount of pressure can be applied if need be, and the small hooks penetrate well and generally give a firm hookhold without the danger of pulling when excercising control over the fish.
Obviously the right rod action is crucial for this type of fishing, a fairly soft action is needed but still with some balance of stiffness and flex in the lower sections to ensure the fish is not able to run a way with the battle.
I use a pair of the original Fox 1.5lb barbel special rods, which are incredbly versatile tools, from specimen Roach and Perch, to Bream and Tench to upper double figure Carp and possibly beyond, these rods seem to be able to cope with it all, and have done for me over the several years that I have had them, and they have even performed the task they were designed for and landed me double figure Barbel!

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