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New Vlog is now live!

For the last few months I have been putting together a monthly Vlog based around a short film or two. I chose the format of a short film as we all like to watch a fishing film or two. Personally I am not too keen on the type of Vlog where the Angler just sits in front of the camera and talks and I wanted to produce good quality content rather than just strap on a Go Pro. I film on a variety of devices and occasionally rope someone else in to help with camera work. I do talk a little bit about what’s happened during the last few weeks with my fishing and explain my choice of lures and tactics but I don’t and won’t just go on and on! This will be followed by the video. The end product I hope, is an atmospheric film for your enjoyment.

Now being an all rounder myself there will be a variety of types of fishing but it will include a fair proportion of Lure fishing, including Ultralight methods. I don’t know about you but I don’t mind watching most types of fishing as long as it’s interesting, even if it isn’t something I do myself so perhaps a bit of variety will keep it interesting for you?

So this months Vlog is now live and covers my fishing in June, though I wasn’t able to actually get out much I did have one very good LRF session which is the subject of the film.

If you enjoy the Vlog please let me know, give the video a like and perhaps consider subscribing as there will be more content coming in the future, hopefully monthly and maybe more frequently if conditions are favourable for fishing and filming. Also as I mentioned there are 3 other previous Vlogs so why not check those out too.

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