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My Turn!

The season has indeed kicked off now, and tonight it was my turn to bag some fish! A switch to a floating line made all the difference and I caught fish almost from the off. Only small school Bass, but six fish came my way, and a total of fifteen between three of us was a good result for early April. This is the earliest I have caught any fish on the Fly, and I feel sure that the steadier sea temperatures of the last few days have aided this. The wind this evening was a little more cooperative direction wise coming from the south west, though a little stronger than yesterday. Traditional charteruese and white Clousers were the mainstay lure, with a switch to a black version at dusk producing two fish as well. It was great to feel that tightening of the line as the first fish took the Fly and the satisfying bend in the rod as the fish made a bid for freedom, there really is no feeling like it in angling, especially after along winters rest!
Hopefully things will get better and better now, and there wil be many more fish coming this way over the next few weeks and months. Bring on the Bass!

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