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Much better

A few more flies have been constructed and have joined the growing army of patterns ready for later on, and I am very pleased with the latest results. First up is another variation on my little white Minnow that is excellent for when the Bass are fry feeding in large numbers, this time with the addition of a little olive.

Next up is my latest attempt at a Flatwing pattern, I love the look of these flies for targeting larger fish, and imitating bigger prey like mackerel. Traditionally mackerel imitations tend to be based on a white and blue scheme, but I have chosen to try a white and olive combination as I feel this is much closer to how the Mackerel appear actually in the water. Anyway here is the latest tie.

And ‘Wet’
I must admit to not being too keen on the JC eyes to start with and tried the epoxy type, but it’s obvious that you just don’t achieve the same results as with the JC. So I have to say I’m very pleased with the look of this fly now and will be going Flatwing mad for a liitle while to see what other results I can get. ( as soon as I can get some more JC eyes ).

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