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Moving on

Well, it’s August already, doesn’t time fly (!) when your having fun?!

Still no joy on the Saltwater fly fishing front, the weather has been atrocious lately, and the wind just won’t settle long enough for the inshore waters to calm sufficently to do any meaningful fly fishing. And then to add insult to injury the Sun decides to let off a couple of explosions and send a ‘Solar Tsunami’, containing charged particles and Ions careering towards the Earth ,which must have had a major affect on the weather systems as they are very much governed by solar activity, particularly from the Sun! Maybe thats why we have had what seems a never ending Wind!

So regarding some fishing then..

We thought We had a window in the weather yesterday evening, but upon visiting the venue, it turned out that there was no window and the Sea was definitely not in the right state for some Fly fishing! A quick decision was made and instead We decided to do some freshwater fly fishing for Carp as most of the gear needed was already in the Car, just a couple of extra bits to grab with a short detour home before making our Way to the lake.
Finding the lake empty on our arrival was a bonus as the swims where there is sufficient room for the back cast are limited in number so we had pole position for the evening.
The lake is well stocked with Carp from singles to scraper doubles in weight so it wasn’t long after starting to feed some floating dog biscuits that some fish were up and feeding on the surface. Hookbaits were artificial dog biscuit imitations made from spun Deer hair, which are very good.
It was a good evening with plenty of fun and banter and numerous fish between myself and My angling partner, very enjoyable indeed, although not as good as Bass fishing on the Fly!

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