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More Soft Plastic success

This morning was meant to be a session on the Fly, but having checked the forecast it looked like an easterly wind was trying to scupper our plans. A quick consultation with my mate and we opted for light Soft Plastic tactics instead. Upon arrival it was immediately apparent that we could have easily fished the Fly as the promised wind was non existent! Never mind it would be a good test of the Plastic’s abilities during a bright, hot, virtually windless day when the Fly would have been the obvious winner. Things started off slow and it was a while before my mate landed a small Schoolie. One fish was at least present and willing to attack a rubber worm!
It was a considerable time later, and we were beginning to feel the weight of our possible mistake, when things began to pick up and a few bites began coming our way, though still the action was intermitent. Altogether we managed five fish apiece, and a few more missed. Not too bad for conditions that I am not normally confident in and a second choice of tactic, the Plastics actually did us quite well considering. I’m really liking this way of fishing, though for me the Fly is still king for sport and sheer thrill value.

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