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More practise..

Another Kayak practise session took place yesterday. Myself and two friends took to the water to hone our ‘Yakking’ skills ready for the coming season! ( which, as I write has yet to materialise!). Everything went rather more smoothly than the last time, and now I think I’m starting to get a ‘feel’ for it. There are definitely advantages to be had using a Kayak to access areas previously unreachable from the shore. Hopefully I’ll be able to better illustrate those in due course, once we start catching some Fish on a regular basis.

For now though it was concentrating on paddle technique, manouvering and self rescue, ( that, Im pleased to say, I’m getting the hang of now! ), that was the order of the day. I did take a rod on board this time as well just to have a few experimental casts to get an idea of how it would feel actually fishing from the Kayak. It was apparent from the experiment that I will need to be able to Anchor up in order to maximise on any sport and avoid constantly having to re-position Myself, due to Tidal drift.

The conditions We were paddling in were actually quite choppy. An easterly wind was pushing against the tide making plenty of swell and small waves. The Kayaks coped well, and We felt totally safe knowing they would perform so well in such a situation.

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