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More LRF and Nano testing

This hot spell we’re having at the moment has certainly brought the fish inshore in numbers. Several very good LRF evening’s have been had in the last couple of weeks with good numbers of Bass and Pollock falling to the ever effective Crazy fish Nano minnow in various colours. This tiny paddle tails seem to be the perfect match for the shoals of Baitfish fry that the Predators are feeding on. These have been mounted on our Silver Scales Minnow Jig heads of which I have cut the collar off to accommodate the Nano Minnow as it’s such a tiny slim profile. This is easy enough to do with a pair of old scissors as the lead is so soft. They also give the lure a ‘fish face’.

I have to say that the VMC Hooks these Jigheads utilise are really very good! Not only are they super sharp, they are also very strong, despite being made from a medium wire. I have been able to handline pound plus Bass up from several feet down without any problems with the hooks bending out! I can honestly say these are by far the best Jig hooks I have used and were an excellent choice for our own range of Jig heads!


Also on test is the Sufix Nano braid we stock, and so far I have been really impressed with it’s performance. It flows very smoothly from the spool and through the rings with no frap or wind knots. Leader to Braid knots are tiny and extremely strong. The Diameter of the Nano braid, in this case 6lb is comparable to 0.4PE Japanese braids and seems to be very strong and abrasion resistant. Overall once again I am very pleased with the performance and the price is very reasonable compared to other brands.

So the ‘Nano’s’ are proving to be very effective in their different guises! More reports and tackle reviews as they happen!







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