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The Month in Summary : May

May has been a mixed bag weather wise, Winds have been predominantly Easterly, and quite brisk at times, only changing direction briefly allowing comfortable casting with the Fly at the Venues we have been fishing. It’s been a mostly dry month and We have seen the first 20 plus degree temperatures in the latter half of the month which has kick started the Bass fishing season, witnessing the first proper Blitz’s of the year, and the first signs of huge shoals of tiny Baitfish and Fry. I wouldn’t say the Fishing has been consistent, it’s actually been quite patchy, but between us My friend and I have managed close to 100 fish, including, Bass, Pollock, and Mackerel, With a few better Bass in amongst that lot to 4lb. Not a bad start really, as I know that some of My Fellow Swffer’s across the water in ‘England’ (!) have struggled to get amongst any numbers of Fish, so I count Myself very fortunate. The best results have been during the hottest brightest days, no surprise there really, with cooler duller days being more patchy numbers wise. The Fish seem to respond very quickly to the changes in the weather, at this time of year, or, more likely, the changes in air pressure, which proves nothing can be taken for granted, and that it isn’t guaranteed that once they arrive they will be there every time we go Fishing. Of course you always hope they are! but it isn’t the nature of the game, especially this early in the season. The Fishing should become more consistent, of course with time, and warmth penetrating the Ocean from the sun’s rays, the warmer it gets the more the Fry will swell inshore and the Bass will be behind them, it’s then just a matter of finding exactly where all this is happening at any given time! Some places last season the Fish were pretty much resident all summer long, providing very reliable sport, other spots were much more flash in the pan and timing was crucial to finding any numbers of Fish there and catching them, as well as a large slice of luck! Being able to read the conditions and having a pretty good idea where to head for at any given time is still a developing skill, but it isn’t often that We don’t present ourselves with a fair chance of some Fish.

This week We are presented with some quite unhelpful Tides, as We can only fish for a few hours on an evening We have to more or less take whatever is on offer if We want to go Fishing, and for the next few days We are faced with Ebb tides again, not a great start to June but some warmer, settled weather is forecast again so maybe we’ll get lucky, if not it’ll be fun trying!

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