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The month in Summary: July

During July there has been little to no Saltwater Fly fishing, the couple of times We did get to to fling some fluff results were minimal with only one or two odd fish being caught.The reasons being the weather, the continued winds, and lack of decent Tides, as well as the lack of Fish. So I dabbled else where in the hope that things on the coast would pick up, which they didn’t.

Thats not to say I haven’t enjoyed what I have been doing, because I have, as I said, I have had the opportunity to take the children fishing and they have contracted the Angling bug big time! I think this could signal a slight change for Me, not only because they will want me to take them fishing more often, but also because it means there will be a bit less of the Saltwater fly fishing during the Summer, not that this presents any real problem to me, because I’m sure that I will still get to do plenty, but it will just mean more coarse fishing to do in general, when I would perhaps try and save the best until the cooler months normally, no big deal, I will just pick and choose the right conditions for the Saltwater fly fishing instead of being so single minded as I have been the last couple of years and mix the fishing up a bit more.
The other thing is the Kayak fishing, I’m not really sure it’s something I can keep up for various reasons, and therefore I am pretty sure that it will become redundant in my Angling. Worth a try, and you don’t know unless you do, but sadly it’s not for me.

Moving on, there is still plenty of time to catch some Bass on the Fly, and if and when the opportunity does arise, which I reckon it will, I will be out like a shot, I love the Fly fishing and when it comes right there really is little to better it for something to do on a summers evening.

I mentioned that Mullet had caught My attention, and along with some friends, I have had a couple of dabbles after these elusive and frustrating fish, though without success as yet. Finding the right venue, along with the right tides and circumstances, as always, is crucial. We’re a few steps closer now and I don’t think it will be long before we succeed.

Plans for the Autumn and Winter are beginning to solidify, and I want to be organised to make the most of it, which is why I’m planning so far ahead, but it will soon come around and I need to be ready. Still plenty to do before then and still time to acieve certain targets for this year, so better crack on!

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