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The month in summary: August, and whatever happened to..?

…The Dog days of August??????

Didn’t August used to be one of those hot still months, and because of this the fish would be lethargic and unwilling to feed? August was always a difficult month for tempting Coarse fish, and yet the last few weeks I can’t seem to stop catching. It certainly hasn’t been a classic August, the wind hasn’t stopped blowing, the temperature has taken a nose dive and several bouts of heavy rain have caused localised flooding! Summer itself lasted about three or four weeks. Whether we will have a second, late summer remains to be seen.

I can’t complain I suppose, like I said I have benefitted because I have had some fairly good fishing lateley, and have taken a very relaxed approach allowing me to enjoy it more than I have for a long time. From float fishing, to quiver tipping and some light line specialist tactics, It’s been fun to experiment with some different methods and tactics, catching a range of different species along the way.

What’s next? September, often a warmer month, may present the opportunity for a return to the Salt for some late Bass fishing, and if the wind drops then it will be on the Fly. If not then I shall continue with the Coarse fishing, maybe even a trip to the Throop fishery in Dorset to try for some Chub or Roach, that would be nice…

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