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Mid season Blues

I suppose it couldn’t last, after the great start to the season, We have really been struggling to find any consisitent fishing lately. Why this is, I have no idea. It could be the Hot stale weather that has been around for the last few weeks, combined with the strong (for Fly and Lure fishing), Winds that won’t stop blowing, or More worryingly, the Trawlers that have been seen ploughing up and down the Solent have had a severe and detrimental impact…
What Fish we have caught have been just odd loners which is very unusual at the venues We Fish, and there doesn’t even seem to be any Mackerel shoals of any size around at the moment which, again is very strange. Only time will tell what gives, but let’s hope that it is just down to the weather conditions and not commercial Fishing.

In the meantime as the week ahead is forecast to be more of the same wind wise, plus with a bit of rain mixed in, there is nothing really to be done in the Salt unless the forecasters are completely wrong! so as My Son has been driving Me mad asking me to take him fishing I will switch to some Coarse fishing for the next few days. Much of what I do Saltwater wise isn’t really suitable for me to take My children fishing at the moment and so it’s a good idea for me to revert to Coarse fishing to be able to teach them to fish, plus it’s probably more enjoyable for them as it’s a lot more comfortable way of learning to fish and a lot more productive fish wise! One might say it’s a ‘gentler’ introduction to the sport, and teaches them to be more refined in their approach, which I feel is crucial to enjoyment when fishing. As well as understanding the finer points of the Tackle and choosing the right equipment for the right job.

I have often observed Anglers making the transition from one area of the sport to another, and, particularly with Sea Anglers that move over to try Coarse fishing, there seems to be a certain difficulty with getting to grips with the finer overall approach needed, and naturally this leads to a lack of success if not overall enjoyment. The transition the opposite way doesn’t seem quite so bad if you have the fundamentals, but getting used to the heavier style of fishing may be just as difficult for some. In My view Coarse fishing allows beginners and youngsters to get to grips with these basics as well as being able to catch plenty of fish and learn their craft, before progressing on to other branches of Angling, I guess you would call it ‘earning your stripes’.

So back to this week, I’m looking forward to taking the children fishing, I love seeing the concentration on their faces while waiting for the next bite, and then the delight and exitement of catching their prize,, and the sighs of disappointment when I say it’s time to go home! It also gives Dad a chance to go back to his childhood as I will fish the same way as them to make it fun, it’s also a good chance to chill away from My normal ‘serious’ fishing. It’s great knowing that I am giving them something they will hopefully carry with them all their lives, one way or another, even if they don’t continue fishing, no child ever forgets that thrill of revealing the secrets that lie beneath the surface of the water, something too few experience, an appreciation that there is a whole other world apart from the day to day one that we all live in…

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