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Long time no see….

I feel I owe anyone who visits this blog and apology, particularly those who are or were regular visitors as well as those friends and aquaintances I have made while participating in this side of the sport, for not having updated for such a long time. You see to put it bluntly the Bass fishing this year has been totally crap here! To compound things I have been dogged by some health problems that have affected my ability to venture to the more physically demanding to access venues where I might have stood a chance of catching something. Sure, I could have stuck to the LRF side of things to keep the interest up but even that was sometimes too physically demanding for me and left me aching and in pain even from short sessions on the Pier. So I had to give it a rest in order to recooperate from my physical ailments.
So what could I do? I still wanted to fish but had to find something less demanding that would allow me to continue angling and still get myself better….
Being an allrounder and having Coarse fishing as a more relaxing alternative, this seemed like a possible solution, I could still fish but also benefit from the less physically demanding aspects of it.
Now earlier in the year, I had the opportunity to fish a quite special little lake, that contains some very worthy cyprinids, in other words, Carp.
I had intended, along with my two angling buddies, to target this water during the coming winter, but now it seemed I had just as well make an early start and get to know the lake and it’s inhabitants and their habits during the warmer months while they were easily observable and catchable…..
And that is where I will leave this story here on this blog. To find out how I am getting on please follow the link at the top right hand corner my other blog.

Regarding the Saltwater side of things, I will be back, I am learning to cope with my ailments and realise my limitations, and as long as I remember not to over do it I should be able to resume reasonably normal service by next season. There will probably be much more on the LRF side of things and any Bass fishing will be done as and when I feel physically able.
So to finish, apologies again and thanks for reading…..In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger….ILL BE BACK!!


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