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Just what the Doctor ordered!

Still suffering from a bad case case of the post Christmas blues, and recovering from a bout of Flu, fishing really was the furthest thing from my mind. No enthusiasm, no energy and a severe lack of motivation, were all dragging me down. Then my mate suggested a day’s Perch fishing might be the thing to lift my spirits, to which I reluctantly agreed.

I owe my friend my gratitiude, because as it turned out, it was a very good day’s fishing and was exactly what I needed to bring me back to an even keel. That’s what I love about Fishing, it’s ability to lift you up just when you need it, and also the head- levelling qualities when things don’t go to plan. As another friend said, who wasn’t having quite such a good day, highs and lows, thats what makes it what it is.

The fishing then,

I don’t know how many Perch I had and It’s irrelevant really, but I had a few, all pristine, bristlingly aggressive, and beatifully marked in their winter splendour, bulking out nicely ready for their spawning rituals in a few weeks. Size wise, well from a pound and a half upwards, topped by two magnificent beasts weighing 2lb 15oz’s and 3lb 8oz’s. I was Blown away I can tell you, that’s my second Perch of over three pounds now. My ten year old Son also did well and notched up two new personal bests of 2lb 2oz’s and 2lb 9oz’s, which he played and handled very well, making his old Dad very proud I can tell you!

It’s good to be back in a fishing frame of mind, and to have something to look forward to each week, no matter how it turns out. Without it, what would life be?

2lb 15oz’s
3lb 8oz’s

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