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July catch up.

Okay, quick catch up . So we’ve been out, my friends and I, we have caught some fish, but it’s been a bit of a struggle, Bass, Wrasse have been targeted from both shore and Kayak. My best Bass of late was a fish of around 2 1/2lb the other evening, and my friend was lucky enough to land a clonker of 5lb 3oz while out with his new Century HPR lure rod on it’s maiden mission, a very nice way to christen such a prestigious rod. My other mate bagged a 4lb plus. A blank on the local pier, which hurt, I hate piers…while fish were clearly and visually in evidence, but we couldn’t catch one. Been out on the Kayak this morning, conditions started off ok but started to deteriorate making presenting to the targeted Wrasse very awkward and I managed only one small Ballan. Not very good is it? so what am I doing wrong? The answer i think is not much, you can only catch what is there, and if the fish or the weather or tides or any of the other pieces of the puzzle aren’t in place then it’s not going to happen either way. I don’t like to make excuses, and often I will over analyze a session if it hasn’t gone well, but when you look at the dismal weather we have had for July…lets hope August and September make up for it!

Mr B’s 5lb 3oz and New Century HPR lure rod

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