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It’s been a week of Ebb tides here this week, so We have been off in search of a new Venue that We can catch Fish from on the Ebb. We have plenty of Venues that fish well on the flood but finding one’s that fish well on the Ebb can be tricky. Different places tend to fish at different states of the Tide and this seems to be even more of an issue with an Ebbing tide. So, with this in mind, off we toddled this evening to our prospective spot. Now this spot is a considerable walk to get to, and over very uneven, ever changing ground which makes it even more hard work! The spot is part of a major feature and there are many smaller features within the main feature, making it a very interesting prospect. It is also not an easy one to fish from the shore, much care and keeping an eye on the Tide is required to fish it safely and efficiently. Anyway the experiment paid off because Several Bass were landed along with some small Pollock, which was a good result and very promising. We approached this venue with Spinning gear this time, simply because I find I can cover more ground and much quicker than with Fly gear in order to locate prospective areas from which to catch Fish, once these areas are pinpointed We can then think about trying to fish them with Fly gear.
I look forward to tackling this venue with Fly Tackle, particularly for the Pollock as, so far, We haven’t found many places where it is possible to take Pollock from the shore on the Fly.

I used two Lures this evening, the first was a Sidewinder Blood head, which has been catching a few Fish for myself and My friends lately, and the second was the ever faithful Dexter Wedge which has literally caught Me and my Friends hundreds of Fish over the years.

I’d also like to add that at last the weather has picked up as well, Winds are now predominantly West and South West, and this week temperatures have broken into the 20’s several days running, hopefully pushing up those all important Sea Temperatures by a couple of degrees.

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