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It’s been a very quiet week after last weeks flurry of activity! To begin with, the winds for the early part of the week were Easterly again, which cooled the weather a little, but temperatures were still in the upper ‘teens’ for the most part. The Tides have been a bit ‘in between’ , and by that I mean neither high or low Tide has coincided with late evening or dusk which are My favoured times and seems to bring the best results. We did have one evening where We managed to find some Fish, a mark that has been on our list of places to spend a bit more time investigating, but unfortunately The ‘spot’ was already occupied by two Anglers, but despite there being numbers of Fish present, they failed to capitalise on the opportunity in front of them. We just had to watch as the Bass continuously hit the surface, unable to position ourselves to be able to Fish for them effectively. Next time…

The Bank Holiday weekend isn’t forecast to be great weather wise, certainly not for Fishing anyway! Windy with showers is how it’s looking, but the early part of next week it looks like the winds could be calming down a bit, enough to get the Fly rod out again hopefully, though they may possibly still be of an Easterly orientation. I just hope the month of June really takes us into Summer proper, with some hot calm days to bring the Fish back inshore again in numbers. So much to do, so little time!

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