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I’d like to say a big well done to My friends from the Sea Fishing.org Forum, who are all based around the Portsmouth, Hayling area, on having a Red Letter day this weekend just gone. Bassfly, Mulletfly, and Scierra experienced a fantastic days sport taking a large number of Bass and Mackerel on the Fly, whilst fishing from a boat. I know It’s been a slow start to the season for these guys compared to over here so it’s a well deserved result for a nice bunch of people, well done again guys!

Conversely things have gone a bit quiet over here at the moment, a couple of trips out have produced very little, probably due to the Ebb tides and Easterly winds we have yet again been getting the last few days, not the best combination. I was unfortunately unable to venture out on the day the lads had their Red Letter day, (which was a scorcher, and for once the winds weren’t Easterly!), when obviously the fish were going nuts!

Tides later this week are coming good for some evening flood sessions though, so providing the Weather plays along and the wind is cooperative we should be able to get amongst the fish again and at one of My favourite venues, fingers crossed!

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