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Forum Get Together Report

I’ve just enjoyed a nice weekend in the company of some friends from the Sea fishing.org Saltwater fly fishing forum. These boys have been having regular meetings or get togethers for some time now and we all agreed it was time for them to come over to the Island for one.
I must say what a nice bunch of chaps they are and how smashing it is that we can all get along so well due to sharing the common interest of Saltwater fly fishing, even though we are all very different people. I was their guide for the weekend and hoped to provide them with a memorable time. The weather was superb, the hottest days of the year so far, and almost mediterranean conditions for their visit, I managed to find a few fish for them here and there, but really the fishing was fairly difficult I feel due to the bright sunny conditions. A little cooler with some cloud would have been better probably to give them more of a chance of getting on some numbers of fish, but I think they enjoyed the experience regardless and were impressed by the Island’s scenery and coastline. A full detailed report can be found on the Forum here , http://www.sea-fishing.org/ftopict-26711.html .

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