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First LRF Wrasse!

A small window in the weather allowed us to have a dabble with some LRF tactics for Wrasse this evening. The session took place across high tide and and hour or so of the ebb. I had previously been struggling with finding the right approach when targeting the Rockfish, plenty of bites had been forthcoming from them but I had failed to hook up during several attempts.
This evenings session changed all that and at last I managed not one but two fish! ok they weren’t the biggest Wrasse in the world but it’s a start and a confidence booster now that I have an idea of what i’m doing and what the fish want. All thats needed now is to find a few venues capable of producing a reasonable stamp of fish on a regular basis. There is plenty of promising looking ground to go at locally, that is almost completely untapped as far as Wrasse go, it just needs exploring, and thats exactly what we intend to do over the coming weeks as often as possible. There is definitely a certain appeal in fishing for Wrasse, particularly with these methods, and the fish themselves can be stunning to look at with their much and varied colourings and patterns, part of the thrill of hooking one is wondering what colour it’s going to turn out to be! The other of course is their fighting prowess, and I’m looking forward to making contact with some of the more serious specimens to experience this. There’s a lot of work to be done yet, but if the progress with the Bass fishing so far this year is anything to go by, there’s an awful lot to look forward too!

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