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First Kayak caught Fish

I’m very pleased to report our first Kayak caught Fish today! Amongst the Fish caught were Bass, (including a handsome 4lb’er to my friend), Pollock and Mackerel, Some of which came to Lures and some to Fly.

It’s nice to be actually using the Kayaks as a Fishing platform at last as opposed to just paddling around in them. It’s easy to get carried away and end up paddling for miles when there is really no need to! We are beginning to use them as they were first intended; to enable us to reach previously unreachable areas, plus allow us to stay in productive spots later into the Tide than wading would have allowed. Rationalising the way we use the Kayaks paid off today and proved a point, and their worth as Fishing tools, because thats what they are, tools to do a job, a means to an end. Another piece of Tackle to help us Fish more efficiently and provide an advantage in difficult or tricky situations.

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