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Faced with a period of Ebb Tides it was decided that We would launch the Kayaks for a midweek evening session. A bit of exploration was also in order, so rather than head for one of our usual spots, we paddled a bit further on from a known productive spot to investigate a little fished area, pretty much inaccessible from the shore. The winds that evening were North Westerly and pushing onshore, quite gentle and dropping as the evening wore on. It wasn’t long before I spotted some Fish hitting the surface, so I quickly cast a Dexter Wedge into the area and sure enough within a couple of casts a nice Schoolie of around 3/4lb grabbed the lure. My companion for the evening also hooked up quite quickly landing a fiesty Mackerel. It was clear that there were a number of Fish around and so I settled down to drift fish a spot where the fish seemed to be breaking surface regularly. The bites were not really forthcoming on the Dexter so I switched to the Fly, ( a small Clouser Minnow on a size six hook ), for a slower retrieve, and of course some better sport on the softer rod. The switch worked a treat and I began catching Immediately. A mixture of Pollock and some nice hard fighting Schoolies up to around a pound provided me with some great sport in the ebbing Tide. All too soon the water slackened off with low water and so did the bites. With not much light left we paddled back to shore happy with the evenings sport.

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