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Bass on the Fly again at last!

I sat looking out of the kitchen window this morning while drinking my second coffee after the school run and suddenly realised there was barely any wind. A quick check of the weather and wind sites confirmed what I thought; that the wind had been light enough for the last couple of days for the possibility that the sea would be settled enough for some Fly fishing. A further check on the Tides and I hedged my bets towards a venue where I knew that it would settle fairly quickly. I set off this evening with just a couple of short hours in front of me to make it count.
Arriving at Low tide the water was settled but with a bit of stain to it still, that might prove a bit tricky with regard to fly choice and colour. I there were fish about I was expecting them to begin showing at a certain state of the incoming tide. That state of tide arrived about an hour later and no fish were forthcoming still, despite several changes of Fly. With the light now fading I selected what I hoped would be the right right pattern and colour…Bingo! The fish started to feed in the failing light of dusk, suddenly the water was alive with topping fish and I began to recieve hits on My Fly. I took around ten fish to just over Two pounds in a very short space of time, and it was almost dark by the time I had my last fish, it was only the fact that I was so tired that stopped me continuing into dark as the fish were clearly having it! I thoroughly enjoyed the short session after so long without being able to find a window in the weather, and to catch a bonus Two pounder was a nice little reward too. Good to be back!

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