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Back at it again

The beastly Easterlies died down sufficiently for us to get out again last night, and with a touch of southerly to it the day was warm and muggy, and it felt right for some Bass.

We arrived at dead low and prepared our gear, the plan was to not fish the ‘prime spot’ until the optimum time in the tide and so we started fishing a spot with a nice bit of current to it to try and bag an early fish or two. There were fish present from the off, but they were fry feeding and consisted mainly of small pollock and schoolies, such was their pre occupation with the tiny fish they were feasting on, that our lures were almost completely ignored save for the odd tap. No matter we were holding out for their bigger brothers and sisters to come in later in the Tide, so we took a short break while we waited.

While we were sat chatting and surveying the scenery, it occurred to me that there was a spot further along  the beach that we had not looked at and suggested we go take a look just to see if we were missing anything. As we approached to spot and it began to reveal itself in more detail and l I felt the excitement rise, as it was very good looking  indeed. Making a couple of exploratory casts along a ledge where the water was flooding over, my Sluggo was immediately hit and I found myself giving line to an unseen fish. I called to my friend Mr B that I was in and he hurried over to join me. A few moments later I was holding a Bass of around three pounds and beaming with joy! What followed was so hectic we had a job to keep up!, just about every cast our lures were hit by something, and for a short time I seemed to be constantly into Bass, in fact I think three consecutive cast produced three fish on the trot! All the fish were of a good average size ranging up to three pounds or so, and then after a while things went a little quiet. For a time we got hardly any interest and then out of the blue I hooked into the fish I had been waiting for. It’s first run tore off at least thirty yards of braid from a fairly tight clutch, and then several more runs left me with a fair amount of line to get back on the reel. At one point close to the end, the fish weeded itself but I was able to walk over to where it was sat, as where we were wading was only waist deep, and change the angle of the line and get it moving again. Then it was in the glow of my headlamp as it was now fully dark and I scooped up a good fish. On the scales it weighed 4.5lb’s, a new Soft Plastic’s best, boy was I chuffed! Altogether I had 8 Bass in the space of probably an hour, and my friend managed three due to some technical issues with his braid otherwise he would probably have managed around the same number.  

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