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Autumn Approach

So here we are, almost the middle of September. I’m noticing a slight yellowing of the leaves on a few trees here and there, and those summer flowering waterside plants have gone to seed and are now beginning to wilt and die back. Heavy morning dew is becoming a regular feature, and My thoughts are turning increasingly towards My winter fishing that lies in the months ahead. I’m still hoping to get in at least another Saltwater fly session or two before the season is out and winter takes a firm grip. Once October is here I will begin My Autumn and winter Angling in earnest, Trying to track down a 2lb Roach, Exploring a water’s Perch stocks, trotting for Grayling on the river Itchen, a trip or two to a gravel pit for big Bream, Roach and Carp, and hopefully a couple of foray’s to the Throop fishery in Dorset for Chub and Roach. A few winter Carp from a local water and there’s plenty coming up to challenge me and my Angling friends and keep us busy for the next few Months. I’m looking forward to some Fly tying during the long dark mid week evenings, some float making and perhaps a rod build to help pass the time between fishing trips too! I love being an Angler!

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