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4 Months and counting…

And so the page turns and the story continues into another year. Only there isn’t much to tell at the moment, the recent big freeze and Christmas have brought any fishing to a very abrupt halt! Not to mention I have had Flu since Boxing day as well to boot!
So I may be feeling a little sorry for myself at the moment as things have not exactly gone according to my earlier plans. There’s still time to achieve some goals on the freshwater side of things of course, if I can get motivated. The truth is, since I took up Saltwater Fly fishing I can think  of nothing else. No other Angling method that I have experienced over the years can compare to the thrill, excitement and satisfaction gained from catching Bass on a Fly rod. These days I get more enjoyment out of catching Fish with the simplest of tackle and methods, gone are the days of me carrying excessive amounts of gear to camp out for hours or days, the less kit I can get away with and the more mobile I can be, the better. Saltwater fly fishing fullfils that requirement perfectly. A rod, a reel and a box of flies are all I need to keep me happy, I can wander down to my favourite spot, exploring all the different parts of it, searching out the fish. And when I make contact with my quarry, the tackle allows me the best feedback and the most thrilling fight experience to be had, nothing to get in the way, no interference from additional bits of tackle or gadgetry, just the simplest form of fishing there is, aside from using a spear!

So I am sitting here at the moment dreaming of that time when I can once again return to the Salt and partake in my favourite thing of all, but sadly that is still at least four months away. There is some preparation to be done in that time though, in the form of filling the box with flies ready for the new season, and that is what I will be doing in the coming weeks. A new tying Vice has beeen purchased and materials old and new will be being assembled ready to tie my creations, that will hopefully tempt the Bass into taking a bite! Patterns, again, old and new will be finding their way into my box, not too much variety but enough to hopefully cover my needs as the season progresses.  Another part of my  kit that needs to be renewed are my Waders as after two seasons my relatively cheap pair of Daiwa’s have given up the ghost, so I will be weighing up the pro’s and con’s of the various types available so as to make the right decision when the time comes.
So that’s where I am at the moment, I’m hopeful there will be some fishing of some sort in the near future to keep me ticking over and lets hope there are a few nice sessions and fish to write about!

Happy New Year!

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